About Dr. Hamed Abbasi

Dr. Hamed Abbasi is one of the leading specialists in otolaryngology and head and neck surgery in Iran. He graduated in 2001 from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences with a degree in medicine. After completing his general medical internship, he entered the specialty of otolaryngology at the same university in 2004 and achieved his board certification in otolaryngology and head and neck surgery with honors in 2008.

Experience and Expertise

Since 2008, Dr. Abbasi has been practicing and performing surgeries in the field of general otolaryngology. He has participated in various international conferences and congresses in countries such as France, Germany, Turkey, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates. This involvement has allowed him to exchange knowledge and gain experience in facial cosmetic surgeries and rhinoplasty with his international colleagues.

Surgical Achievements

Dr. Abbasi’s professional resume includes over 4,500 cosmetic nose surgeries by 2024, a remarkable number in a 15-year span. Additionally, he has performed hundreds of chin implants, otoplasty, and central lip lifts, which attest to his high skill and extensive experience.

Services in Various Provinces

Since obtaining his board certification, Dr. Abbasi has provided medical services in the provinces of Kurdistan, Alborz, and Tehran, serving the Iranian people with dedication. His special interest and expertise in facial plastic surgery, particularly rhinoplasty, have led him to perform thousands of primary, secondary, and revision nose surgeries.

International Patients

Dr. Abbasi’s patient base extends beyond Iran, attracting individuals from countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Iraq, Tajikistan, and the Persian Gulf countries.

Philosophy and Approach

Dr. Abbasi’s philosophy and approach in medical practice and surgery focus on performing procedures with maximum precision and minimal tissue damage. To achieve this, he utilizes the latest and most precise tools in the world, such as piezosurgery, radiofrequency, and, when necessary, laser technology.

Innovation in Surgery

Dr. Abbasi is one of the pioneers of tampon-free nose surgery in Iran. Given that his surgeries involve minimal tissue damage, he comfortably avoids using tampons for patient convenience. Moreover, Dr. Abbasi is among the first in Iran to use computer imaging before nose surgery. This innovation helps patients and the doctor reach a better understanding of each other’s desires and capabilities regarding the surgery.



With his experience, expertise, and innovation in cosmetic and otolaryngology surgeries, Dr. Hamed Abbasi is one of the top physicians in this field in Iran. His commitment to providing high-quality and up-to-date services, using advanced technologies, and adopting a compassionate approach has made him a popular and trusted doctor.